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"Karla isn't here... my cousin... she ran away and got killed in in accident!"

Karla is a minor supporting character in Higurashi: Another Light. She is Rena Ryugu's cousin.


Not much is known about Karla. In Chapter 3 of Another Light, the Black Tea Gentleman makes Rena see an illusion of Karla, her cousin. According to Rena, Karla ran away and got killed in an accident at some point.

Karla is said to have ran away on her 18th birthday, the reasons being hazy. Rena mentions she got into a fight with her parents, who had abandoned her on her special day. She left in the early to mid hours of the day and proceeded to get in an accident while she was as far as Tokyo Station.


  • Karla does not actually speak or make any appearances; however, she is mentioned by the characters, usually by Rena.