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Higurashi: Another Light: is an extra story of Higurashi: When They Cry that was released on PS4 and Switch. However, it was a special event copy, so it stopped being available after a short time. This is the first major appearance of Blushii.


The story involves the main crew from Higurashi being transported to a different world via crystal, having to enlist the help of other 07th Expansion characters such as the Black Tea Gentleman from Higanbana and Fuuka Gojou. They end up in many different worlds, eventually landing in Ciconia's AW3 world where they have to save the day from the Three Kings and go back to Hinamizawa.

Main Story[]

Keiichi, Mion, Rena, Satoko, and Rika were all doing their club activities, when suddenly everyone felt a headache. Suddenly, with a loud sound, they were all transported to a pure white space. Keiichi questioned where they were. Suddenly, Blushii appeared in front of them and said: "You are all being chosen for the next game. You are the game pieces. I will transport you to all the places you need to go, and you will prepare for the final battle accordingly." Then, he disappeared with a green flash. This is where the story officially begins.

Chapter 1[]

"H-hau... I wonder where we are? We are?" Said Rena, who was nervously "hauuu-ing" despite the predicament they were in. Keiichi and the rest were confused too. Just then, Satoko pointed at the seedy-looking school. "My, I bet our objective is in there!" The gang decided to walk into the school cautiously. It looked to be full of elementary schoolers, and they were hearing talk of youkai.

"I wonder if any of the youkai can help us! Nipah~!" Said Rika, trying to cheer everyone up.

"Yeah, as if a youkai would help us," sighed Mion.

Just then everyone started to realize they were walking into an empty room. Then, a figure appeared. "Would you like to make a contract with me?" The figure was speaking to the whole group, it seemed. For this figure was no ordinary figure, it was the Black Tea Gentleman. He saw this group of naive children and figured it would be the perfect moment to start a new attack. However, he was mistaken; the gang knew better than to accept a contract from a shady figure. So, Keiichi pointed his bat at him, before realizing a new strategy. "Wait, guys!"

"Huh?" Everyone looked up and stopped, just as they were about to attack him. Keiichi flashed a grin. "Guys, we can ask him for help! Didn't that blue alien guy say he would lead us to the places to prepare? Maybe this guy is just what we need! Uh.. Mr... Guy, would you please help us?!" Keiichi bowed down.

The BTG laughed. "Well, I haven't even said much, and you already want to strike a deal? Very well then. Maybe we can incorporate this into our contract. I'll help you guys if you simply let me have a small bit of your souls in return." Everyone was dubious. "Well..." Then, Keiichi had an idea.

"Sure, why not! As long as you tag along and help us!" The BTG was a bit taken aback by how easily Keiichi was agreeing. So, BTG joined the crew.

Just then, there was a green flash, and Blushii had appeared again. "You! Answer me! What do you want with us?!" Mion yelled, but Blushii merely gave her a blank look. "Congratulations, you have cleared your first task. Now, I will bring you to the next world."

Chapter 2[]

"Nice to meet you, everyone."

Everyone's vision was blurry. Then, they slowly focused on the girl standing in front of them. "Huh, who are you?" Said Mion, cautiously.

"Hauuu! I want to take her home~!!!" Exclaimed Rena, as Rika and Satoko laughed nervously.

"Nice to meet you, everyone." Said the girl. "My name is Fuuka Gojou. The truth is, that blue guy already told me about this... game. I'm a bit nervous, but I feel better knowing I'm not alone!"

Keiichi and the gang appeared dubious again, but then Satoko broke the mood. "Well, at least we didn't have to do anything this time! Ohohoho!" Everyone gave an exasperated smile. "Well, that's true, but..."

Then, Gojou frowned, giving a serious look. "The truth is... that alien guy... He's not normal. When I tried to fight back... a green beam shot out from the star on his forehead, and I wasn't able to move for a few minutes. His power is really scary."

The gang looked worried, until Mion broke the silence and said: "I'm sure that alien is nothing that this old man and his crew can't handle! Keiichi has his metal bat! Satoko can set traps! Rika can be bait! And Rena... well, nobody wants to mess with Rena in her Kyute mode!" Everyone laughed, even the BTG, who was starting to get used to the crew. But he wasn't about to let this chance slip by. His first target would be... Yes. Rena Ryuugu. Her life force will do good for him.

Chapter 3[]

Rena was feeling weird. Ever since the BTG had joined, she was feeling like things were different. All of the sudden, her gaze shifted to the new girl in front of her.. what was her name... Karla?

"Wait, since when has my cousin been with us? With us?" Rena started to feel nervous. "Hauu? My cousin? My cousin is back! She's with us! She's always been with us! Karla~~! I'm taking you home! I thought you would never come back to me!"

"Yes, Rena! It's me! I'm Karla! I've come back to see you again!"

Of course, the others knew that "Karla" was actually Gojou, and something had made Rena go delusional. "Snap out of it, Rena! Your cousin isn't here, this is Gojou, remember?!" Mion put her hands on Rena's shoulder. But in Rena's inner world, she thought Mion was being happy for her. "Hauu! Thanks, Mii-chan! I'm so glad my cousin is back!"

This is how the BTG's power worked. He would show the victim what they wanted to see, in return for their souls. His plan was going perfectly. Until... He felt a metal bat on his back. "Hm? What's wrong, Keiichi?"

Keiichi had stuck his metal bat into the BTG's back. "Give Rena back, you monster! I knew this would happen! Everyone, roll out!" Gojou was confused, because nobody had let them in on their secret plan yet. The reason why Keiichi was so certain about letting the BTG join the gang? Because he had decided to make an emergency back-up plan for when he was being hostile.

Keiichi started to whack the BTG with his bat, while the others closed in from different sides. The BTG focused on Keiichi with ease, when he soon turned to the others. Just when he thought he had beat them all, he felt a light poking sensation in his arm. "This medicine will make you feel sleepy, nipaaah!" Said Rika. She had put him to sleep with a tranquilizer syringe.

Then, the BTG's vision went blurry and he passed out. "That'll show him not to mess with us," scoffed Satoko. But then everyone's attention turned to Rena. "Rena? What's wrong..?" Asked Keiichi.

"Karla... Karla!!" Screamed Rena. But then, she came back to reality, and remembered the cruel truth. "That's right," she said in between sobs, "Karla isn't here... my cousin... she ran away and got killed in in accident!" Everyone consoled Rena before moving on to the next task...

Chapter 4[]

The crew was sent to yet another dimension. "You've done well so far, but there is one final task for you to do." It was Blushii. Then, Keiichi suddenly held his arm up. "Wait! What's your name, anyway?!" Blushii stared at him for a few seconds, as if evaluating him.

"My name is Blushii. But I'm afraid I cannot tell you all any more. So long." He then disappeared with a bright green flash.

"Hau.. Where are we now, anyway?" Asked Rena. The crew gazed at the large, futuristic scene in front of them. "Where..? This is like straight out of a futuristic comic!" Exclaimed Keiichi. They were in the A3W world of ABN Poland.

By the way, the Black Tea Gentleman was trudging behind them, since he had to stick around them in order to get back to his original dimension. They had agreed to a truce, so he wouldn't try to attack anyone anymore.

Mion looked around for anyone who might be able to help. "I don't think anyone here speaks our language! What do we do?" Rika pointed to a nearby electronics shop. "Maybe this can help, nipaaah!" While the rest of the gang was dubious, they didn't have any other options.

They were met with a friendly guide who, for some reason, seemed to understand what they were saying. After a few confusing moments, the guide showed them a translated note that read: "Do you have Selcoms?"

The confused gang all shook their heads no. So, the guide smiled and replied with another note: "A Selcom will help translate any languages with ease. Would you like to get set up?"

Despite everyone's hesitation, they felt like they had no other choice, so they agreed to it. Because their minds were still relatively young, they were able to get a good enough grasp on the Selcom technology that they could translate the bare-minimum words needed to get by.

"Well, now that we got that covered, what ever should we do now?" Asked Satoko, who had taken a liking to the Selcom technology.

"Well..." Trailed off Mion, before spotting a young man who looked about their age. "I know! Let's go ask him!" Without any better options, they all set off after him.


"..And that's the story!" Mion huffed a breath after telling Stanisław the whole story. Of course, Stanisław was just another citizen, so he did not quite know how to react. Still, he knew that this was serious, what with even the serious types like Rena and Gojou looking at him for assistance. Just then, Stanisław had an idea. He replied, "Let me check with the Order of the Public Bath. I'm sure Miyao and the others will have an idea on how to deal with this situation." Just then, Blushii appeared again.

"I guess the fun can begin now."

"Now, Stanisław, this just won't do. I can't have you contacting anyone else! You're the only piece needed for this story. Understand?" Blushii immediately shot a green beam at him from his forehead, and Stanisław stopped moving. Everyone else gasped. "Stop! Don't hurt him!" Keiichi started running after Blushii with his metal bat, but he, too, was stopped. For the first time, Blushii gave a slight smile.

"Alright then, I guess the fun can begin now." Blushii snapped his fingers, and then the Three Kings appeared. "Alright guys, I've done it." Blushii seemed to be talking to the green star on his head.

"What?! Who are these people? Are these the guys we're supposed to beat? If we do, then will we all get to go home?! Go home?!" Exclaimed Rena.

"That is correct, but don't count on winning!" Roared Blushii, before disappearing.

Chapter 5[]

Everyone was taken aback. "What are we supposed to do?! Who are these people?!" Yelled Mion. Just then, one of the Three Kings spoke. Except... it had Blushii's voice. The King of Sorrow's head began to glitch, and suddenly, a hologram of Blushii's face appeared. "How do you like it? This is my game. Your task is to defeat these kings. Think you can do it? We'll see..."

Keiichi tried to swing at it with his bat, but of course, the real Blushii was nowhere to be seen. "Grr.." Keiichi was frustrated, then looked at his teammates, who were also trying to go at the Three Kings. "We don't even know what these guys can do, because the rest of the Ciconia phases aren't out yet," huffed Keiichi.

"Shhh! Stop breaking the fourth wall, Keiichi!" Said Rena angrily.

They tried to attack them, but the Three Kings continued to evade. A green light shown when they moved away, suggesting that Blushii had aided them and given them this power.

"It's useless, isn't it... I won't get to go back home.." said Gojou in a low voice.

"Don't say that! Responded Stanisław. "We just need to think of a plan." He thought for a moment, and his gaze fell on the BTG. Then, he had an idea. Stanisław started whispering to the BTG. The others looked dubious, because they knew he didn't have a good track record. However, they decided to hear them out.

"Okay, here's the plan. The BTG will use his power to skim off the Three King's souls, while we will distract them by rushing in headfirst and distracting them if need be. We only need to buy enough time for their souls to be eaten up by the BTG." He concluded. Not being able to come up with a better plan, the others nodded in agreement. And so, they all rushed towards him.

The Three Kings were taken aback, and they were not able to withstand the rush attack from everyone coming at all different angles. They fell over, and the BTG began his plan. This would take some time, so the rest of the team started running around.

"I'm surprised you came around!" Yelled Rena to the BTG.

"Well, let's just say I need to get back home too," he responded.

After this long and hard endeavor, it finally worked, and the Three Kings were knocked out on the ground, barely twitching.

"Did we do it..?" Asked Satoko, as everyone gazed in silence. Just then, the figures of the Three Kings all disappeared into smoke, leaving only Blushii standing there.

He scoffed. "Well. You did well to entertain me for the hour, I suppose... But this won't be the end. For now, I'll let you go back home." Blushii snapped his fingers, and as fast as they came into these worlds, they were soon taken out.


The BTG gazed out of the school window. It was midnight. "That really did happen, didn't it..."

Likewise, Stanisław and Gojou were looking up at the moon in their respective worlds. They were trying to reaffirm that it had really taken place.

Keiichi, Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika were playing games in the clubroom as per usual, as if nothing bad had happened.

Then, Rena spoke up.

"For some reason, I had a weird vision of a... blue guy? Hauuu.. He made us play some weird game."

"Y'know, for some reason Rena, I had that feeling too.." murmured Keiichi.

The rest of the group had this vague feeling, but they figured it was a funny coincidence.

"Ha, as if that would ever happen! Ohohohoho!"

And so, everyone lived happily ever...

Or did they?

What did you think, everyone?

This is not my last game. For now, I'll regroup in space, where I came from, and plan my next game...


Bonus scene[]

Meanwhile at Shion's apartment...

Shion sniffed once and scratched her head. It was just another Tuesday. "Wait... how come I wasn't in this story?! I'm right there on the cover! What is this?! I'm filing a complaint. And Blushii didn't use his star to communicate with his family, right?! Or was there some kind of foreshadowing I didn't notice, huh?! This is just bulls-" Unfortunately, Shion was not allowed to swear. And so, the story came to a close...


  • The cover includes the main cast on ABN Poland. Curiously enough, Shion Sonozaki is included, despite her not being present in the main story, and never having left her house during the events depicted in the cover.