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Blushii (also known as Blue Ushiromiya) is a major antagonist in the 07th Expansion universe and the alien version of Ushiromiya Battler. Blushii was created as a gamepiece by Beatrice to do her bidding, but he soon started to turn against her. Hoping to defeat him, Beatrice shackled him, but he eventually escaped. He is a messenger to the cast in Umineko Stardust, warning them of the impending doom on Rokkenjima. He uses the star on his forehead to communicate with the aliens from above, who are trying to destroy Rokkenjima. In Higurashi: Another Light, he is the one who is causing the killing game. What his actual goals are generally are unknown.



Blushii is mainly calm and composed, appearing bored by just about anything. This is mainly due to him being an alien that does not experience human emotions. However, that is not always the case. Blushii's hobby after breaking free from Beatrice's shackles is causing harm and making people fight for his own entertainment. However, because of his cynical and bored attitude, it never satisfies him. He is shown to get fired up, such as in Higurashi: Another Light, when he yells that the "fun can finally begin."

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